Fresh Start

Images from the past

Why do I love hydrangeas? I don’t know. I do. And I photograph. And I photograph lots of hydrangea plants.

Lacecaps are a particular fondness. Dense centers. Scattered blooms.
Another. Lovely colors. Hydrangeas are my landscapes.
Darkening the background boosts the vibrance of bright colors. Without increasing vibrance
Detail of a late fall Oakleaf hydrangea
Colorful in black and white
I spent much of last year scanning quite old slides, using Photoshop to pull the images out of fifty-year-old purple haze. It is an old photograph. But now it is new. And the memory is renewed. I think of it as new work.
Kandahar, Fifty years ago.
A window through which I photographed in 1969 in Balkh.
An honest latch in Tuscaloosa. From my teen years.