Sorry For All the Ties

Daddy, I hope you are somewhere. I’ve never known for sure. I hope you are somewhere so that I can wish you a happy father’s day. Happy Father’s Day.
Long time. You are 116 years old. You have been a father for 82 years. Don’t worry. One day we will all grow up and make you proud.
Long time. Lots of memories. But since you know those, I will not try to list them. Except for moving the fire instead of the cow. That was a laugh.
I don’t like my hair. Haven’t since the $2 ones at that little building next to the large curve. Damned good cuts. Oops, maybe I’m not supposed to use that word where you are. If you are there. Even just for today. They tore down the building and straightened the curve.
I don’t want to keep you. You’re probably busy. But you aren’t going to church. That’s great. Damned nuisance. Oops. You’d never met a preacher who wouldn’t take a free meal.
Don’t cut off anybody’s electricity. And don’t let hens out of barrels that have no bottoms.
Happy Father’s Day! I’m really sorry about all the ties.