“It must be Johnson grass they’re talking about”

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“It must be Johnson grass they’re talking about”

My father’s remark to my brother as they heard my mother say to someone on the phone, “And it’s just spreading like wildfire.” My mother and her friend were probably talking about drugs or teen pregnancy or telemarketers. No matter. 

My father had a nice, dry sense of humor, great humor that was often lost on people. Poorer them for having missed it. You had to pay attention to what was going on to get the remark, or the joke. Many people do not pay attention. They are spreading like wildfire.

Johnson Grass in Turf

Back in the day it was customary for the family to buy the casket spray, the flower piece that goes on top of the casket.

When my father’s time came, I listened to my brother ordering the spray. This, that and the other blossoms were specified. At the end my brother added ” and include a sprig of Johnson grass.”  The florist didn’t. I do hope that the florist was young and inexperienced enough to look through his supplier’s list for Johnson grass. 

Johnson Grass in Sugarcane