Steinbeck: Fire and Brimstone inVermont

From Travels With Charley "It is our practice now, at least in the large cities, to find from our psychiatric priesthood that our sins aren’t really sins at all but accidents that are set in motion by forces beyond our control. There was no such nonsense in this church. The minister, a man of iron… Continue reading Steinbeck: Fire and Brimstone inVermont

Steinbeck: Waiting and Reflecting

One of the great benefits of waiting for the impressions to sort themselves out.  From Steinbeck, Travels With Charley Go to the Ufizzi in Florence, the Louvre in Paris, and you are so crushed with the numbers, once the might of greatness, that you go away distressed, with a feeling like constipation. And then when… Continue reading Steinbeck: Waiting and Reflecting