Sunday, April 26, 1975

[Martindale, continued]

Saturday, April 26, 1975

         On Saturday our 5 Americans got together and started getting names of people to evacuate. As different crises came up, people left to handle them. I was finally working alone, which was actually faster even though I was continually diverted. We told our employees that if ineligible people were included, such as overage children, we had been told that the entire family would not be allowed to leave. As a result, when making up the list on Saturday,  I found that families were much smaller than had been indicated. Mr. Huu’s small children, brothers and sisters, it turned out, were all over 20 years old. He was really crying when he admitted it, but probably only because they couldn’t go. A lady employee had listed a 53 year old brother. What started out as more than 120 watered down to less than 90. Then I took more names and finally ended up with 123. We found late Saturday that this group would not leave until the next day. We told the employees to convert money if they wished and to alert their families.