Monday, April 28, 1975

[Martindale, continued] Monday, April 28, 1975          We proceeded pretty well on schedule and moved out of the bowling alley to an area next to the gym, probably around 4:30 A.M. I should say about one-half of our group did. I had made arrangements with the people at the processing gate to stage our people… Continue reading Monday, April 28, 1975

Sunday, April 27, 1975

[Martindale, continued] Sunday, April 27, 1975          On Sunday morning there was a meeting of Americans to learn the rules for taking the USAID people to the evacuation center at Tan Son Nhut airport. I was going to stay with them until they left for the airplane. Bill Rice escorted one bus load to the… Continue reading Sunday, April 27, 1975

Sunday, April 26, 1975

[Martindale, continued] Saturday, April 26, 1975          On Saturday our 5 Americans got together and started getting names of people to evacuate. As different crises came up, people left to handle them. I was finally working alone, which was actually faster even though I was continually diverted. We told our employees that if ineligible people… Continue reading Sunday, April 26, 1975

Monday, April 21 through Friday, April 25

[Martindale continued] Monday, April 21 through Friday, April 25          Starting Monday morning every day was hectic, especially with our reduced American staff. To take Mary Viszneki's place as secretary was Hiem (Miss) who had been our receptionist. As Chuck Yeomans had left his secretary, Miss Thao, didn't know what her job would be. She… Continue reading Monday, April 21 through Friday, April 25